"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

It was his day off from work. He always took his off on a weekday, while the rest of his mates were at the office, so that he could enjoy an undisturbed visit to his favourite hangout: Big Momma's strip-club. The usual routine was to stand by the bar and watch ladies pole-dance. Each lady had a price tag, that was usually her 'starting price'. Once a particular lady was chosen, the client would write his price and send the note over. Whoever quotes the highest price would get to go for a "private time" with her.

Today he had reached early and the dancers were all not out yet. So he ordered a bourbon and waited. Instead of aimlessly looking around at the other men, he chose to watch the auction program playing on the large 50-somewhat inch television that hung above the bar.
It was the auction day of the country's favourite cricket premier league, where self-proclaimed team owners huddled around round-tables and bid for cricket players. The auctioneer would pick a player at a time, describe his strengths and call for bidding at base price. The team managements would then jump in with their bids and, quite often, the auction went around the room long enough for players to be "sold" at very high prices.
He laughed looking at it all. "What has sports come to?" he soliloquised, "It's just a game isn't it? When did it become so commercial minded? The fun of the game has shifted from the cricket field to these hotel rooms. The whole sport is one goddamn fish-market. Bloody selling and buying of players, what the hell? bidding like they are some commodities... what the bloody hell has the sport gone down to. These maniacs I say..."
Just then they announced that all the models were ready and pole-dance would begin. Interested clients were invited to go down the dance floor, pick the girl of their choice, and bid their price.
And on he went, out onto the floor, to dance to the tune of his lust, to bid his chances in the game of love - quite often said to be the world's most favourite sport.

Bidders, bidders, everywhere!