"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

"I didn't get it. Only two states of mind? Say that again?" she typed in the chat window.
"Yes! I have only two states of mind. Aroused or Depressed. I am always in either one of them..." he replied and waited for her response.
"So... are you depressed right now?" she enquired.
"No," he responded.
Watching the scores of beggars lined up outside the temple, the son asked his dad, "Why are they so poor?"
Busy with the temple proceedings, the father missed the son's query. The boy tried asking again, but the temple drums drowned out his voice.
It was the video that received the highest hits on the gore website. I wondered who was watching it and why? Such a gory video - the gore among gores - yet eyeballs seem to be attracted to it. Was it that people were just curious to watch it once, or was the reptilian demon inside of us wanting to watch it again and again? Or was it the terrorists running some bot to hike the numbers so as to attract visitors?
She: "I have something to tell you. Promise me you won't feel bad."

He: "What is it?"

She: "Promise me first."

He (with curiosity overtaking his reason): "Okay, I promise. Tell me now?"

She: "There is a guy I talk to regularly. We are just friends. I know you told me that such friendships will tend to take a different shade. But I promise I won't let it go there. We are just friends."

He (with a tone of exasperation): "Oh no! You went and did exactly what I warned you to stay away from..."

She: "Hey! Why you getting upset? You promised that you won't feel bad."

He: "Sure. I stick to my promise. From now on, I won't feel bad whenever I meet my other lady friend on a daily basis."

"I am just human. Godly matters are beyond me, yes, but I don't give up. It is human just to pursue, I guess..." the priest looked around at the audience, gave out a wry smile, and continued, "neither do I have the ability to prove the existence of God, nor the ability to disprove it. I probably do not have the capacity to engage in pursuit of the proof, yet I do not have the will to give up. Sometimes it all feels like a dream, but when we have such scant knowledge of what reality is, how can one stop chasing dreams?"
"It's been 4 days since I lay on this hospital bed. Two days back my platelet count was dangerously low. I had messaged her, even told her how close to death I was. Yet she did not care to visit me, or to even reply," he soliloquised as he stared blankly from his bed towards the other patients in the ward who were with their families. He crushed the bed linen in anguish.
He came beaming out of the building and walked towards the coffee shop where she eagerly waited for him. He had noticed that she had seen him coming, and so he kept the smile on his face so that she could see it from the distance. She jumped up in excitement, came running towards him, hugged him, as she shrieked, "I knew you would make it... I knew it! I knew it!" and brought her lips closer to kiss him. He turned his head slightly to let that kiss land on his cheek instead of his lips.
"Tell me who are your friends, and I will tell you who you are..."