"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

"It's been 4 days since I lay on this hospital bed. Two days back my platelet count was dangerously low. I had messaged her, even told her how close to death I was. Yet she did not care to visit me, or to even reply," he soliloquised as he stared blankly from his bed towards the other patients in the ward who were with their families. He crushed the bed linen in anguish.
His mother was with him all the while, but still it hurt him greatly that she did not turn up.
It had been the case since the past 4 months, since the day he had asked her mail password to check her mails. She had gone silent, and never met him after that. Never even returned his calls or messages. She had left without turning back, not even slightly.
"I bailed her out twice. I was beside her in her toughest moments. Once when she was arrested for partying with some hooligan friends, I bribed the policeman to rescue her. I spent all my saved up pocket money for it," he recalled, "and then during the final exams, I stayed up long nights coaching her so she could barely pass. I ended up getting at least 10% less due to that."
He sat up so swiftly that the pillow fell off the bed. He did not notice it. "I ruined my money, my career, for her, and bloody hell, she does not even care to even turn back and look at the pain I am going through?"
By then his mother had arrived. She had cleared the bills and handed him the discharge summary. She picked up their bags and proceeded to leave the ward. She gestured him to follow her.
"For 4 bloody years I sucked up to her. Stood by her day and night, spent all my time with her, tended to her even when she was sick, helped her grow, and made her a healthy sound strong woman that she is today," he thought as he slid his feet into his slippers, "and bloody I lay here for 4 days and she could not even turn back once to see the state that she left me in? How mean is that? How sad is that?"
And up he rose, and limped towards the doorway. And when he reached there, he turned right into the corridor and walked away... without turning back!