"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

"I am just human. Godly matters are beyond me, yes, but I don't give up. It is human just to pursue, I guess..." the priest looked around at the audience, gave out a wry smile, and continued, "neither do I have the ability to prove the existence of God, nor the ability to disprove it. I probably do not have the capacity to engage in pursuit of the proof, yet I do not have the will to give up. Sometimes it all feels like a dream, but when we have such scant knowledge of what reality is, how can one stop chasing dreams?"

It seemed the audience was not catching him. He sought to wipe the blank look off their faces.
"Take the case of Shank Shaw, the terrorist who was killed at the Iraqi checkpoint last week," and he paused. Most of the audience seemed to be giving their attention now. "How in this world, created with the merciful and loving hands of God, can we imagine such dark forces to be present? Is it for such blood-hungry demons that our Lord gave up his life? Is it for such dastardly beings that he suffered so much pain?"
"But they found no explosives on Shaw..." someone whispered in apparent objection.
"The terrorist, Shaw, was shot by the forces even before he could enter the green zone and inflict any damage," the priest continued in response to the whispering, "yes, they did not find explosives on him, but did you see how he was dressed and the gestures he was making? He had fire in his eyes and he wagged his tongue seeking the blood of innocent people. He may not have had explosives, but from the look of it, he was probably doing a dry run. He was surely running a check on our preparedness."
The priest paused to sip some water - and probably also to sip the mood of the audience - having quenched both, he continued, "Shaw stood there, in militant attire, waving his arms ominously. He shouted slogans of defiance. He said he was doing it for his children who were suffering from hunger. Is that what people do for their children? Did you know his father is a leader of the guerrilla forces? Without doubt Shaw was acting at the behest of his father. At first they drove bullets in his palms and feet, but it did not stop him. He continued to march ahead, until they drove one through his heart.."
Not wanting to dwell on the gory details, the priest changed course, "So today, on the day of the Lord's suffering, let us thank our security forces who kill such terrorists and keep us innocent people out of harm's way. Let us now observe a solemn silence and experience the pain of the Lord who suffered for his children and followed the path of the Father with utter selflessness. May the Father bless you our Lord."
And the people rose in prayer.