"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

It was the video that received the highest hits on the gore website. I wondered who was watching it and why? Such a gory video - the gore among gores - yet eyeballs seem to be attracted to it. Was it that people were just curious to watch it once, or was the reptilian demon inside of us wanting to watch it again and again? Or was it the terrorists running some bot to hike the numbers so as to attract visitors?
While I kept wondering, my curiosity was stoked too. The disclaimer which accompanied that posting - beware of the extremely graphic content in this video, viewer discretion is heavily advised - made me all the more convinced to watch it.
A hostage, handcuffed and limping, stood in the middle of a deserted road stealing glances with all the masked gunmen that lined up the road, ensuring he wouldn't step off the road at any time. He limped up and down the road. Then a battle-tank appeared, driving down the road. The masked men shouted slogans and raised their guns to the sky. The tank drove towards the hostage; he attempted to limp away from it.
<Click> I paused the video as I could guess what was coming. I knew these guys from their past videos of beheading and point-blank shootings. A cockroach ran across the room. I spotted it but decided to get back to the video.
The tank caught up with the limping man. He tried to limp to the side of the road but was pushed back in front of the tank by the masked men. He tripped and stumbled on the road. The tank strolled upon him, squashing every bone in his body. The squashing played twice more in slow-motion. And when the tank moved on, they focused on the mutilated remains of the hostage, with chants and eerie music running in the background.
<Click> I stopped it and closed the window. I knew this video would haunt me the entire night. I had to do something to distract me away from the "mess of reality."
I remembered the cockroach. Let me distract myself. I picked up the broom and crouched beside the book-rack. It hid beneath there. I swished the broom once and it ran out into the open. It seemed to be limping. Good for me, I can swat it easily. I brought the broom heavily down upon the roach. It was stunned to a comatose state. I swatted the broom a couple more times, until it's entrails were all outside. Seeing its mutilated body, I was sure it was dead. I went in to get the dust-pan.
Phew! something to help me forget the gory video I had just seen.