"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Background: A and B are college sweethearts. They knew not how it all started. Was it lust that blossomed into love (like it always happens) or love that finally bonded tightly through lust (which most of us would like to put it as)? Lovebirds of college - whose happiness and sadness was solely a function of each other and nothing else.

First Incident: A travels to her hometown for vacations. Her neighbour's son - L - begins to woo her as always. L's methods are tempting but A's love for B is strong and she resists. Meanwhile, B is constantly trying to call A but she hardly picks his call, as she has not opened up about B to her parents yet. B knows this but he knows about L too, so he is insecure. He has an inkling of suspicion that A may be avoiding him. B's messages become more imposing and feverish so much so that if A continues to be silent then B may implode anytime. A wants to talk but is unable to due to fear of her overbearing parents. On the other side L is getting desperate and gets more and more imploring.
As days pass, A becomes fidgety, B becomes restless, and L becomes frustrated. 
Everything is fine, yet A, B, and L, all are unhappy.
Second Incident: A travels to her hometown again. L comes around again to woo her and this time he stands a chance. A has been pained with B's insecure jolts and hooks up with L for some emotional support. Frequently she excuses herself from her parents and spends long hours with L in his room. She explains to L about her relationship with B, and L is ready to make the adjustment - he won't interfere in A and B's relationship. This time too B calls frequently to check on A, and A answers most of the time (as she is with L mostly). As A answers and talks lovingly, B is relieved. For the duration of the call L, as per agreement, keeps quiet, and once the call is done, L and A get back to making love.
Days pass, A is emotionally satisfied, B is rationally relieved, and L is physically replete. 
Nothing is fine, yet A, B, and L, all are happy.
Though we, in our limited understanding, lay the onus of our happiness in the actions and behaviour of others towards us; eventually our happiness is merely a function of our inner perceptions about what we think matters to us and the satisfaction of the expectations that we draw out of that cognitive canvas.
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