"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

They crouched behind the garbage bin and waited. They watched as the butcher locked up shop. They looked around - it was late at night and not a soul around. This was the right time. They had to move now.
"Now is our time," whispered the hiding man to his mate, "the bloody blasphemous bastard. Sells beef in our area and desecrates our religion. Today let's teach him a lesson."
They gestured each other to move, ran out of hiding and sneaked up behind the butcher. While one quickly gagged him from behind, the other placed a knife at his throat and slashed it. They held the gag as blood oozed out of the severed jugular, then stabbed his back a couple of times to make sure he did not survive to tell the tale. They watched him as he collapsed to the ground and writhed in deathly spasms. He moans were subdued by his own blood gurgling from his throat.
"Befitting punishment," their bloodshot eyes seemed to say as they abandoned the dying man and turned towards to their car. They had hacked him in the same way that he killed the cows.
They wasted no time in rushing into the car and speeding away. As they turned towards the market, a calf stood bang in the middle of the road - chewing cud and dazed eyes.
To avoid being seen, they had to get away soon. The calf blocked their way. They could not afford to honk or shout for fear of waking up the neighbours. They could not slow down too. The driver hurriedly took to one side of the road, hoping to avoid the calf but he hit. The calf was flung to the pavement on the other side. In the hurry of escaping, it did not matter. They sped away, without looking back, leaving the calf numb and half dead.
It was a befitting punishment for that lazy animal. These cows blocked roads and created a nuisance for drivers anyway.