"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

"Multiplying just for the sake of multiplying is the ideology of the cancer cell,"(1) claimed the sir in a thumping voice, so much so that all students in the biology lab were shaken into attention - not only those that were dozing but even those stealthily messaging on their cell phones.

Sir focused his microscope to get a clear view of the bacteria culture on the glass slide. He then walked over and switched on a projector that beamed the microscope's view onto the big screen. All students watched as faint black spots moved about, bumped around and, quite often, kept splitting up. In a short time the screen was crawling with spots, so much that it appeared almost grey.
"So you see, the moment you give them a favourable condition they begin to multiply," sir looked at the students. He expected to see some amazed faces, but there were none, except for one in the corner who was still busy with her phone chat. Unmindful, sir continued, "and that is what is astounding about them. Do you think the rapid multiplication is helping them any bit? Not at all. Their excitement is going to consume their host and, eventually, only end up killing them."
"But sir, they can move on to another host, can't they?" quipped a student.
"Yes, they can, but what is the guarantee another vulnerable host is available? And what makes you think they are intelligent enough to know that fact themselves? Yet they multiply, like it is their duty to multiply." and sir whispered to himself, "Bloody cancerous morons."
"Some say that bacteria are Nature's perfect killing machines. But for me, they are just dumb pieces of shit." sir's voice began to break, there was a tinge of depression in his tone, "It is hard to believe that the same God who created us created these things too. Insipid foolish creatures who bring doom not only upon all of us but upon themselves too. And they bloody don't even know it. Look at that godforsaken culture slide, see how they have overrun it and made a mess of themselves and now running helter-skelter in search of more food..."
The bell rang. Class over.

Students packed their bags and ran to the auditorium. It was their founder's day and time for song and dance. Sir went with them too. The students dragged sir to dance with them. Initially he was embarrassed but as the crowd began to swell and other teachers joined in, sir got comfortable. Sir was not really a good dancer and just kept moving helter-skelter. But it didn't matter. All that mattered was sir was soaking up the moment and enjoying it fully. Sir was so much at home in that fun crowd.
Notes: (1) a quote by Edward Abbey