"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

"Abortion is always immoral," she said, continuing the debate they had started the previous night. She handed the glass of orange juice to her husband, and wore her apron to start making breakfast. They were having their favourite Sunday breakfast - scrambled eggs and bacon. Simple, but classic. Especially for the man, bacon was always a good follow-up after a night-long oral sex.

"Don't stare at me like that," she had noticed his alluring smile, and continued, "I am making a serious point here. Please! They make stupid rules like it is okay to abort within the first 5 weeks. Why? Because it is still an embryo? Tell me S, is that making sense to you?"
The husband naughtily shook his head, still chuckling in the arousal of the previous night. 
"Doesn't an embryo have life?" she argued as she prepared the wok on the gas and went to the fridge to get the eggs, "It is the same embryo that becomes a full fledged human being in a few months. How can they not see the continuity of life, S? How can they not respect an embryo man? The embryo is as much life as a baby, isn't it?"
Frustrated, she took the packet of eggs, went over to the gas, and started breaking the eggs one by one into the wok. With half dozen eggs broken, she began to whip them vigorously with a spatula, all the while staring blankly ahead, "How can they be so disregardful towards an embryo? How can they treat a live thing as a mere object? Just because it does not have discernible hands and legs..."

As the yolk began to fry a heavenly aroma permeated the kitchen air.