"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan


The child cried incessantly for three days, ever since its vacations began, with only a break at night when it slept. As soon as it got up in the morning, the weeping and begging would resume. He wanted his video game - his precious Gameboy console - and he wanted it really badly, so much so that he cried real tears of sadness in crying for it.

The mother was bent upon disciplining her son this time. She did not want to repeat the mistake of the previous vacation where he played all the time and never sat down to study.
"I have worked so hard for the exams. Don't I deserve a break now ma?" he would try to reason in the middle of his sulking. 
"Not at all," she was reply, "break does not mean you play all day. You will lose interest in studies then. You deserve a break only when you bring good marks. First you start reading for your next term. You know the complaints from your class teacher don't you?" she gave a stern look at the boy, "do you realize you got a just pass in Mathematics?"
"Nooooooo. I will study ma. Please give me the Gameboy. I want to play now." and the weeping started again, "It is what all my friends are doing. It means a world to me. Gameboy is my world ma!"
"World, my foot!" and the mother went into the kitchen to start her cooking. The boy followed, crying and screaming all the time. She tried to ignore him but he sat down on the kitchen floor, constantly weeping all the time.
Mother needed a break from all this. She could not yield to her son at any cost. He was such a spoilt brat, he had to be corrected now, before it is too late. She walked out into the hall, and switched on the TV, to distract herself from the boy's squeals. The movie PK was playing, and it was her favourite scene where PK cries with the Gods to give his remote-control device back so he can go back to his world.

It was a scene so engrossing that she completely forgot about the boy's crying. It was a scene so touching that it always made her weep.