"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Displacement: an ego defence mechanism in the Freudian system where an agent takes his/her anxiety out on a less threatening target. Ironically, the human unconscious is not intelligent enough to foresee the cyclic interconnectedness of human life and, hence, the failure inherent in the concept of displacement.
The displacement path:
Boss gets upset, calls the manager and yells at him. Manager gets offended and, in turn, takes his anger out on an employee. Employee is humiliated, and unleashes himself on the wife as soon as he gets home. Wife is shaken, and takes her anger out on the child. Child is hurt and angry, and, in turn, takes it out on the doll, by kicking and punching and tearing it apart.
Doll is torn to pieces. 
Next day they try to look for a replacement but realize the doll was the last piece in stock. No replacement available.
Now, begins, the reverse effect of displacement:
Shredded doll is amateurishly put back, but the cuts are there to stay. Child is crest-fallen and does not eat its food. Mother is guilt-ridden and slips on her household chores. Husband's schedule is upset and he misses his daily work timetable. Manager is handicapped - and missing his deliveries - as his team is not working effectively. Boss is distressed as his manager is not sticking to commitments.  
Thus, displacement (especially without replacement) is a cycle bound for self-destruction. 
Please note the point, your honour, Lord Unconscious.