"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

"Once human beings - we, the Homo sapiens - developed language and created a system of sharing and, hence, cultivating knowledge about 70 millennia ago, we became an invincible species," said Professor Nath as she looked around the class expecting some amused faces. "We are the dominant and ruling species of this world today solely because of the way we process and utilize knowledge."
By broaching the topic, Nath hoped to impress upon her students the importance of education system and the need for students to develop an interest in learning and knowing, because that is how, she believed, our species could hope to stay at the top of the pyramid of life - as the pinnacle of all creation.
Notwithstanding the sobriety of the class, Nath continued, "Every ecosystem of the ancient world was teeming with a diversity of species, especially the ultra-large fauna, for millions of years. There were the mammoths, diprotodons, giant rodents, and so many animals weighing hundreds of kilograms. These large terrifying creatures had lived all their lives without any fear of predators, until we stepped into their world." And a sense of pride came of Nath, akin to a conqueror.
Her chest swelled with pride as she fantasized the hairy Sapiens of 16,000 years ago, crossing the Arctic glaciers and setting foot into the American heartland, wielding their dexterous hunting skills and decimating one monstrous species after another.
"In barely two thousand years of us entering America, we had settled the entire continent from north to south, ridding it of all its gigantic beasts." she surveyed the looks on her students' faces, "But no! don't think of us as monsters. We were just a frail hairy species, destined to be giant killers. We were the Davids, slaying the Goliaths of the ancient world, and making the world a peaceful and safe place."
The bell rang but before she dismissed the class, Nath reminded her students, "Tomorrow as we discuss about the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions, you will see how humans have taken control of this world and, like a true leader, cogently arranged it to serve everyone's benefit."
Class was dismissed. Nath packed her bag and took the flight of steps down to the parking lot. On the way she met Professor Khan who was her usual chat companion.
"So what's the plan for the evening?" inquired Khan.
"Oh don't remind me. Today is a messy day," said Nath, "the whole evening would be spent in laying those cockroach pills all around the house."
"But you did that a few months back, isn't it?" asked Khan, "the roaches didn't die kya?"
"Oh those bloody irritating creatures," replied Nath in frustration, "they spread so fast, and infest everything in the house. I wish they became extinct yaar. They have ruined my peace of mind."

She started her bike and sped away.