"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

It was his first day at the new job as a teacher. The entire morning, as he got up and got ready, he cherished every moment of that joyous feeling of having achieved his dream. The dream he had fought so hard, and made so many sacrifices for. If he had walked the beaten path of lucrative careers he would be earning well and living a posh life, but his heart had prodded him otherwise. He had taken to his passion for knowledge, to serve knowledge, and decided to become a teacher.

Unlucky for him, the morning brought a slight drizzle and he could not start on time. He got delayed and had to rush. As he hurriedly wore his shoes, his mother brought an additional cup of coffee to keep his throat warm. "Don't worry about the drizzle, son," she had smilingly assured, "it is a good omen to sprinkle holy water before a new beginning. Maybe the Gods want to bless your way."
He smiled back affectionately at his mother, draped his raincoat on, jumped on his bike and sped away.
He trembled as he imagined the traffic that is normally on the route he would take to his college, with half a dozen traffic signals that are usually heavily backed up. Moreover on a rainy day it just got so much worse. He feared he may be late to class on his very first day.
But as he rode through, he was surprised - it turned out to be one of those rare lucky days as every traffic light turned green almost as he approached and stayed green until he had passed. Surprisingly, even the traffic seemed sparse on that day. And as it turned out, he reached exactly on time.
As he entered the class, the students rose up to greet, and it filled him with ecstasy. This was his moment and it impassioned him to share his inspiration with his students. He was instantly struck with a desire to spread the message of following one's heart and he began speaking of Buddha's life. After a brief introduction he spoke of the turning point in Gautama's life: when the soon-to-be-Buddha left the palace that ominous night, "so you see my children... when you intensely desire for something and are resolute about following that path, every force of the universe will help you to succeed in it. When Gautama set out of the palace that night, the gates opened automatically and the wind cleaned and graced his path."
"Oh sir," one of the students interrupted, "all that is just a myth. We are children of modern scientific times. Such things don't happen in our world." And the entire class smirked.
The teacher did not mind. He opened the attendance register to formally start the class. He knew he was only getting started.