"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

So you say that in a marriage the couple is meant to be bonded for seven lives. But then why do I see all marriages happening in this life itself? Where are those marriages that are carried over from the past lives?

Many of the marriages you see are just a formality. Several of those bonds are indeed carried over from previous lives of the couples. They were destined to marry the moment they were born. That is why we say (some) marriages are made in heaven. Got it?

Oh I see! So then some heavenly force must be working to make sure that a couple, once married, are reborn as male and female human beings for the next seven lives, na?

Why do you say that?

Because all the marriages I see around are between a man and woman isn't it?


But then what happens to that rebirth law you spoke of, where a person's next life is decided by their acts in present life? Can a married couple be reborn as humans again irrespective of whatever acts they commit? Does the continuity of marriage bond of the couple take precedence over karma-punarjanma cycle of the individuals?

Hey wait! Karma-punarjanma cycle can't be avoided. Maybe that is why we see some of those village marriages happening with inanimate objects, like between a human and a banana plant, or a frog, or a stone or something like that!

Yeah right!