"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Present Day:
People gathered around the railway tracks where a couple lay dead, their fists tightly clenched. The (dead) guy wore a striped sweater and the (dead) girl a floral salwaar.

2 Months Back:
It was by coincidence that they had met, in the bus. He was in a striped sweater and she wore a floral salwaar. And then they met again. Then smiled. Then met over a couple of coffees, until they were inseparable. They loved the coincidence that they both were made for each other. Love blossomed and ripened. Parents interfered; love went sour. They did not want to separate and decided one day to take a walk... on the railway tracks, holding hands tightly.
Ages and Ages Back:
It was by coincidence that a world was born, that debris formed star systems and that a planet was made. It was by coincidence that living tissue arrived one day, and by a series of coincidental evolutions got to a certain species that called itself Humans.
Back to the Present Day:
May be it was just a coincidence that the train was on the wrong track that day...