"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

"Stop those stupid philosophical questions, and just do your homework," boomed Dad's voice from behind the newspaper, "philosophy is the occupation of lazy people. Real men go to work and get their hands dirty, not sit around and try to clean their minds."
"But papa, I just wanted to know why such education was needed..." the son tried to explain.
But how will it be happy in such a small space?

Okay, make the cage bigger then.

But as it gets bigger, it gets heavier. How will it move the cage around?

Okay, giving limbs to the cage - two hands, two legs. Now the cage can move itself around.

But still, it's so dark inside the cage, and the air stinks.

Fine! making two holes in it - let's call them eyes, they'll let the light stream in. And two more called nostrils, for inlet and outlet of air. Now you would say it's so silent inside? That's taken care too. I gave the cage two ears too! Happy?

I don't know. What if the cage feels small someday, and there is a desire for an even bigger one.
Okay, here's making the cage to grow over time. Every day it keeps growing and gets bigger.

But still... what if?

Go on! I am not angry. You can ask!

What if the bird does not want the cage at all and just wants out?

That, my friend, is a choice for the bird to make. It's not for us to decide. We are just cage-builders.
...this is what you always do, just taking me for granted...

Yes, because you are my wish granted

There you go! grunted something to confuse me again...

Will your pet dog be happy,
to wear that designer leash?
Or your pet parrot be glad,
to chirp within that golden cage?

Does it give them the space
to dance, to feel their niche,
and the air to cool their heels,
when in their hearts passions rage?


Mother and kids watched the TV with horror as Titanic hit the iceberg and started sinking. They watched the lower-class passengers realizing the mishap and trying to get to the upper decks. They saw the first-class passengers given a chance to escape as the lower-class travellers were barricaded and locked up. Then came the scene of a mother putting her two kids to bed.