"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

"Stop those stupid philosophical questions, and just do your homework," boomed Dad's voice from behind the newspaper, "philosophy is the occupation of lazy people. Real men go to work and get their hands dirty, not sit around and try to clean their minds."
"But papa, I just wanted to know why such education was needed..." the son tried to explain.
"Damn you! son. Do you want to become a saffron-clad baba and roam around the city begging for food? Just do your homework well and excel at your studies son. Philosophers are just a bunch of jokers. Do you know Pythogoras?"
"Yes, we learnt the Pythagorean theorem about triangles" replied the son, and then added with a triumphant smile, "Wasn't he the one who coined the word philosophy?"
"Yeah the same guy. Such a mathematical genius. He could have gone so far, but got stuck with philosophy and ruined his life. What happened to him, do you know?"
"What happened to him, papa?"
"He went mad, my son. That's what happens to all philosophers. He started seeing numbers in everything. He called the world a great synchronous phenomenon, a cosmos - he was the first one to use that word too - and began capturing the harmony of the world in numbers. At one point the Pythagoreans concluded that just because every entity could be mathematically expressed, numbers are the only reality, that the whole universe can be reduced to numbers. And they said the relation of various harmonious musical notes to a numerical pattern was proof of that. How dumb is that?"
"So what then is the world made up of papa?"
"Time and money, my son. These are of the essence, the two wheels that the train of life runs on. You measure your life on how well you used up your time, and others measure you by how much money you earned." and Dad's eyes transformed into a loving gaze, "Focus on your homework son. You don't have time to lose. There is a great future ahead of you..."
"Time and money..." pondered the son, "but aren't they made up of numbers too, papa?"
"Damn it son, don't you dare patronize those Pythagoreans now... Just do your homework." Dad's the gaze transformed back into one of anger.