"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Mother and kids watched the TV with horror as Titanic hit the iceberg and started sinking. They watched the lower-class passengers realizing the mishap and trying to get to the upper decks. They saw the first-class passengers given a chance to escape as the lower-class travellers were barricaded and locked up. Then came the scene of a mother putting her two kids to bed.
They were one of the lower-class families who knew their fate. Mother knew their ship was going down and she did not know what to do. She decided that she wanted her kids to go down peacefully so she put them in bed and sang a lullaby. Mother and kids held hands and, in the darkness of their drowning cabin, said their nightly prayers while all over the ship frantic passengers ran around to hang on to dear life. Mother prayed the kids would not be awoken by the noise outside
The TV flickered for a moment due to low voltage. There was a bang on the main door and the hulky unshaven father groaned in. He wavered under the influence of alcohol; his breath stank of booze and his eyes were lifeless and cold - like an iceberg. He barged into the hall and snatched the TV remote from the kids.
Mother quickly ushered the kids into the bedroom and hurriedly put them into bed. Father changed the television to a nightly adult channel that played erotica and turned up the volume to enjoy the moans.
Mother began singing a lullaby to her kids, and held their hands tightly to reassure them to sleep. She hoped the darkness of the room would put them to sleep and began saying a prayer so that they don't hear the noise outside. It was a struggle she fought everyday just so that the ship of her family would not go down...