"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

The two snakes slithered through the shrubs - him accosting her in playful courtship - crackling many dried leaves as they slid past but taking care not to swish too loud and wake up the people sleeping inside the house. If people got up, it would ruin their romantic night.

People are stupid on two fronts: firstly, they cannot do anything silently; their mouths would constantly churn out noise and disturb the romance of a silent moonlight night, and secondly, they were so paranoid that they would instantly kill a snake on sight, without any regard to whether the snake was intending harm in the first place. It was like humanity carries a universal 'shoot-at-sight' order towards the snakes handed down across generations.
Nagaraja amorously followed his bride wherever she went - the queen snake he had courted for centuries and fought many a male competitor for her sake. He had two stars under his hood - which represented a royal lineage - and she had two stars under hers too. That had made him believe they were made for each other, yet she had kept him at a distance for so long.
Nagaraja had courted her patiently, not giving up or getting distracted. He would jump at every opportunity to stake his claim for marriage, to profess his love, to exhibit his undying dedication, and she would playfully reject him.
Nagaraja never understood why he was so deeply attracted to her alone, when there were other attractive snakes around, and especially those that wanted him. He felt maybe the stars in their hoods had something to say, or maybe it was just destiny.
Or maybe just the way how love worked.
Finally, she had given in one day, and they married in all pomp and glory. And today was their first night together as snake and wife. He followed her as she evaded him in the thick undergrowth. He hissed gently and she hissed back. Finally, upon reaching a small puddle of rainwater that danced with gleams of moonlight of the sky above, she stopped and turned around. Nagaraja slithered up to her until he could feel her warm breath. The snakes closed their eyes and contemplated the eternity of love that had worked its way to this ominous night - the climax of passion and desire.
They straightened up for a moment - like dancers preparing for a salsa - and began gently twining and twisting around each other. As their wet scales brushed and throbbing bodies intertwined, they felt the kundalini of a longing for life rise between them and envelop them in a bundle of joy. That moment they realized it was not a climax of a love-long-fought but a beginning of a new life that was taking birth in this world. The stars in their hoods began glowing...
Millennia ago, in this very same world, two strands of DNA swimming for centuries in the undifferentiated broth of the oceans had met on a similar feisty night and had curled up to bring forth life on Earth.