"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Vinay's was the perfect life - born to celebrity parents, and himself healthy and extremely good-looking. Born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, there was nothing more a baby could wish for. Right from the first day, he occupied that exalted space: as the cynosure of his family's eyes and the object of envy of all his friends. On his first birthday, the entire film industry had come, to see and wish the lone child of the superstar - the heir to boundless fame and fortune. Oh! what a life!
In school, Vinay turned out to be a prodigious kid. Adept at calculations, good with facts and figures, skilful at the games, and excellent with arts. Anybody would say that a kid like Vinay would reach great heights in future.

Yes! Vinay surely would go far one day, by why exert his intelligence for that? He was the heir to his father's stardom anyway, wasn't he?
Whenever Vinay went to the teachers, they would put his notes aside and make him narrate stories of the film shootings he attended. When he sat for combined study with his friends, they would end up talking about Vinay's father and his success stories. On several days, Vinay would bunk classes to accompany his father to the sets where he played child roles in the movies. And when he was back to class, the whole day would be spent in narrating the shooting incident to his classmates; teacher included.
Over the course of time, studies took a backburner. Yet it did not dismay Vinay, because fame was his to claim. "Why work hard to achieve greatness, when I can get it without any effort?"
Vinay grew up and became an actor in his own right. He took up independent assignments and his movies always fared well. There was no dearth of mass audience for his movies, many of whom had merely carried over their love for Vinay's father on to Vinay.
There were inevitable comparisons. Though Vinay had emerged from the shadows of his father, he could never leave the legacy behind. They commented that his expressions were not so emotive, that his height was a let-down, and most of all, they felt his flat nose and slightly bulged lower-lip took the grace out of the otherwise copy of the superstar. Many of Vinay's friends had suggested he get a plastic surgery, but Vinay refused. He may have towed the dynastic line, but he had his own style and substance. "I am the superstar's son, not his duplicate. I have my own identity. And despite the comments, aren't my films doing well?"
Vinay's films were hits, indeed, but not comparable to the super-hits of his father. 
On several lonely nights, Vinay would ponder if his career choice was right; on whether he should have taken his academics seriously and used his intelligence. But the answer would come immediately to him - "What do I lack today that I should desire for some other career? After all, finally at the end of the day it is the success that counts. I have achieved so much fame here. Who knows if I would have got something like this in some other field? And by being born as the superstar's son, wasn't I destined to be here? It was my fate, indeed my Godsend luck, how can I even doubt it now?"
Vinay never pondered again. He just focused on his films, delivered hits after hits, went from success to success. However, the comparisons with his father never stopped. Every time a movie fared a little low, fans would find something new to compare. Vinay had learnt to take it all in his stride. "It is just a part of my inheritance..."
Several years later, after a thousand moons had shone upon the Earth and a million summer breezes had whispered by, Vinay met his end. Thousands attended his funeral and a state of mourning hung about for a few days. It was said that his memories would live with his fans forever. Finally, when things got back to normal, and other actors rose to take up Vinay's place in the hearts of his fans, his tomb fell silent.

Once people stopped visiting, some naughty kids stuck a note on Vinay's tombstone:
Born to a superstar father, how easily to fame he rose,
But he never shone well, thanks to that funny flat nose.
Far to the north, across the seas, somewhere deep in the gorge of the great Colorado river a tribal family gathered around a bonfire. Eager children listened to their leader narrate a story he had heard from his ancestors. He spoke of the days when his forefathers had met Christopher Columbus and the great stories of his expeditions he had told. Columbus has discovered America and in the greatness of that great nation, had immortalized himself. Yet, at the end of the story, the tribal chief asked the gaping kids, "Just imagine what Columbus could have discovered if America hadn't got in the way." He turned his gaze at the starlit sky and the kids looked up too. The moon shone down and the summer breeze whispered by...