"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

I need an escape from society that traps me - every single time - in frames of right and wrong; that squashes me under heavy books of law, that forces me to sell my time in exchange for food and shelter.
I need an escape from family that becomes an island of peace in the boisterous ocean of the outside world and preoccupies me with protecting it in return; that showers unrequited love and conflicts the well-developed notion of love as a deal, which is to be found everywhere else, and ends up messing my orientation of what version of love to actually believe in!
I need an escape from writing that binds me into using words whose meaning is sometimes dichotomous, like a double-edged sword, and sometimes so narrow that cuts and shreds my ideas to pieces.
I need an escape from reading that bogs me down with persuasions which inhabit and haunt the inner domains of my mind; that serves me with an overdose of sentiments to the point of intellectual obesity; that disturbs my sleep with its pushing and prodding and constant rattling of opinions.
I need an escape from my body so vulnerable to disease; from my skin whose colour categorizes and classifies men; from my hairs that change colour with age; from my mind so prone to belief.
I need an escape from light that limits the speed of the entire universe, from sound that is imprisoned in the atmosphere of the Earth.
I need an escape from the air that jumps from lung to lung carrying germs; from water whose cycle plays truant with the lifecycle of all living beings; from the soil that gets harder as you dig deeper; from the fire that is never satisfied; from the ether that is so difficult to identify.
I need an escape from my God so tough to catch; from the devil so tough to elude; from prayers so limited by language; from wishes that are no more than castles of smoke.
I need an escape from my senses which are just five in number; from common-sense which is so uncommon.
I need an escape from eating that is so inescapably repetitive - even during a day's time; from breathing that is a regiment upon my soul; from talking that invariably makes me look like a bigger fool than I really am; from thinking that lifts me to scary heights.
I need an escape from dreams that disappoint reality; from reality that forces me into dreams; from waking that breaks the dream cycle; from sleeping which abruptly pushes me into yet another new dream cycle but then wakes me back into the same old reality again and again...
I need an escape from the day whose light is more hot than warm; from the night whose artificial lights shame the Sun.
I need an escape from love whose purpose is unknown; from hate whose basis is unfounded; from lust whose intent is selfish; from austerity whose nature is empty.
I need an escape from art that the blind can't appreciate; from music that the deaf can't dance to; from dance that the paralyzed can't perform.
I need an escape from faces that wear so many masks in a day; from hands that wield weapons of destruction; from smiling, crying, laughing, and all such monkey-faces.
I need an escape from my name, which I never chose; from my blood, whose group I don't share with my friends; from my ancestors who never expected me; from my progeny who never anticipated me.
I need an escape from life's final failure that decimates all of life's victories, or perhaps the final victory that belittles them all - I need an escape from the not-knowing; I need an escape from the delusion of knowing and the self that builds around it; I need an escape from unknowability.

I need an escape from the need to escape.