"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

.. But Guruji, I can't get my head around this live-in-the-present-moment thing.

What is so tough about it son?

I mean, can we just relinquish the anxieties of the future and focus on the present? Then what use is all those sustainability discussions happening all over the world?

You are mixing up the concepts son. Sustainability is the preoccupation of the material people focused on economic stability, while living in the moment is for the spiritual people who seek everlasting bliss.

But Guruji, aren't the two... ?

Calm down son. Look! you get one chance to live. Do you want to make it worthwhile or just waste it away running around anxieties?

Are you sure, Guruji, that we get just one chance at life?

Why the doubt son?

Because I feel like I have lived so many lives already. For example, I cannot identify with my stupid childhood or that useless phase of youth I had been through. And I cannot imagine getting old some day. I feel like those are different lives I lead, not connected with how I am living now.

Son, that is exactly why I say leave the past and the future, and live the present.

But, Guruji, even in the present I feel I am living two lives.

What two lives son?

One material life which focuses on economic stability, and one spiritual life that longs for everlasting bliss.