"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

He looked at the commotion in the office, all the software engineers running around, trying to fish their way through Corporate waters, while the managers sat on the benches sipping tea and bantering.
That was how the corporate world was designed - a game of snake and ladders. One had to think like a snake, to climb the ladder. He laughed to himself about it and, though reluctantly, he rushed around too. Their project was neck deep in troubled waters, with deliveries slipping and all, and this was the best time for the software engineers to impress their managers. It could be their trump card up the ladder.
He looked at his manager, perched so disdainfully on his bench, ever so relaxed, while he rummaged through the project mess, hoping to find success. He watched the manager playing the crowd, as he baited some of the engineers with tasks, which they instantly jumped at and competed with each other to do it hook-line-and-sinker. He ran around too, because he did not want to be left behind, in impressing the manager.
Though he went up to the manager with a smiling face, deep inside he hated the man. "What a monster," he thought, "sitting up there like some God, while we run around. How haughty of him to be so insolent towards us. He gives us menial jobs that kills our self-respect. Treats us like some dumb fry. How can there be so much imbalance in the value of life, that he gets to sit there and I have to run around?"
Manager gave him the task to do a bunch of photocopies. So off he went to the machine with a curse whispering in his mouth.
As he photocopied, he imagined a day when he would be a manager himself, "I would earn a lot of money and take that long break that managers get," he imagined with a smile, "and then I would go fishing. Oh! how peaceful and enchanting it would be. That Mormon lake is always teeming with fishes. It would be so nice to sit on one of the lake benches, throw the bait in the water, and watch while the fishes run around. And I could catch myself a good one and make a nice fry. Oh so yummy."
"I got to somehow climb this ladder and get to where I can enjoy the goodness of God's great world," he concluded and got down to finishing the photocopying faster...