"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

"So I just ported my number out.." said the dude on the call with his friend. "What do they think they are, man? Such a slow data connection. It takes ages to load pages. Browsing had become such a pain. And when I called the customer service they give those fake apologies..."
"Yeah totally agree dude," replied the friend, "their customer service is so pathetic these days."
"Yeah man!" said dude, "These guys don't understand our generation man. We are the fast paced dudes. We can't wait like our boring parents did. Whatever we need, we need it here and now. If I need a song, it has to play right away. If my friend post on Facebook, I need to get the update immediately, else we fall behind man."
"Seriously dude. I don't know how our parents waited in those long queues and spent weeks waiting for their letters to reach home. They really wasted their lives."
"We are the 'Now' generation man. Whatever we need, we need it right 'Now'. Those customer service guys better get that. Else they wont stay in business for long. Okay I gotto go now man. The show is back on TV. Bye now!"
And dude got back to the TV.
"Son, have you finished that assignment that dad was guiding you for?" shouted his mom from the kitchen.
"There's still time ma. I will wrap it up over the weekend."
"Okay! what about your tomorrow's test. Did you finish revising for it?"
"Ma! I shall do it later. Will you please let me watch the TV? Why do you have to bring up everything right 'Now'? Damn!"
Dude upped the volume and immersed himself into the TV show.