"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

For the most part, our society treats children the way a gardener treats his plants

He is a seed and I am going to sow him in a pot. She is another seed and I shall sow her in another pot. I am the world and I am going to reap the fruit that comes out of them.
They say as one sows, one shall reap. It better work that way. I have plans for the seeds I sow; they better not reap anything else other than what I sow.
I assign the pots and I sow the seeds as I, the gardener, see fit. I have designs and plans, and the harvest shall be as per those notions. They are, in fact, seeds of my expectations.
He, the seed, is a particular type of fruit, and he shall grow up to give that exact same fruit. She, the seed, will grow to give exactly another. They call it the law of Nature - a mango seed will always bear a mango fruit, never another. Whatever fancy names or laws they wanna call it...
I shall provide them fertile ground, and water them everyday, and let them bask in the sunlight. I believe they have fancy names for it too. They call the ground as society, the water as culture, and sunlight as knowledge. I hear they have built great theories and philosophies about each of it, especially the sunlight. It tickles me how innocent they are - they have no idea how much the sunlight plays games with them...
For what it's worth, I don't mind them playing their games. Poor little seeds - they need some entertainment while they bide their time growing up. I let them play.. as long as they keep growing and bearing the fruit that I have deemed them to!