"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

While there is a conventional urge to protect this blog under copyright (for whatever rational reasons), there is, at the same time, a fundamental question that begs answering prior to any thought of intellectual protection. A question that flies in the face of the notion of copyright itself, in the face of owning those copyrights, or even in the face of owning anything at all. Who are we to own? And own what? Nothing is permanent; and we apparently leave everything behind when we die. Then what exactly is the whole idea behind wanting to own?
We belong to this world; this world does not belong to us.

We are merely strands in it, like passing currents in the flow of time. We gleam for a moment, babble for another, and then pass-away into the ocean beyond the mist. There is nothing that we can own, not the land, not the wind, not even our own bodies.

We can only attempt to be our own, and most often we only end up holding our own, but can we ever own anything? Does the wind own the whispers?
While my perspectives on Intellectual Property are still taking shape, I, for now, side with Newton's take on knowledge - "I just managed to look beyond the horizon because I stood on the shoulders of giants." The giants being the world of science and technology that guide us. And I contend that, just like Newton's confession, my blog posts are like pebbles that my intellect picked up while frolicking on the sea-shore of life.
I am just a boy playing on the sea-shore. Whatever I find, belongs to the sand, not to me. Eventually the waves will wash everything away. Hence, in gratitude to all that public domain that helped me on that sea-shore, and in acceptance of our tentativeness about conceptions of ownership, I stick to Creative Commons licensing for this blog.

Creative Commons License

You are free to copy or borrow any content from this blog and share it as many times and wherever you like. You need not seek my permission for it. Even if you want to use it commercially, that is acceptable as long as that money is something you could not have done without. Please do not use the content in illegitimate or unfair ways like speeding up on your homework/assignments. You may not even attribute the copied content to my name - what is in a name? Just a label to differentiate you from me, or me from the rest. Let's not fight over names, we are all star-stuff after all.