"Love, it seems, is not without a sense of strategy"

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It takes courage to make an irrational commitment - Feb, 2017

If all of your happiness could come from one person, then why did God create two parents for each of us? - Dec, 2016

The more languages a person knows, the more words he gets to swear in. - Nov, 2016

In our zest for patriotism, we take for granted those boundaries which were merely incidentally drawn up, and, astutely overlook the fact that, as has been proved by history, the boundaries need not stand the test of time. - Nov, 2016

The best fed cows end up at the slaughter-house - Nov, 2016

Life is great... on the surface of reality - Nov, 2016

Those of us who are really good judge of people would, before distancing from others, first distance from themselves  - Oct, 2016

Arousal is the best anti-depressant - Oct, 2016

Today's cardinal values: money, power, fame, success - Sep, 2016

Could the current wave of international terrorism be yet another face of Globalization? - Sep, 2016

I am not accountable to every dog that barks on the street  - Sep, 2016

Granted that it is the survival of the fittest; but who exactly is the fittest?  - Sep, 2016

The concept of the self, is in itself an indulgence  - Sep, 2016

An insight into the nature of death could have made life more reasonable  - Aug, 2016

An uneducated mind in the world, is like a baby in a nude bar  - Aug, 2016

The advantage of a bicameral election system is that if you don't want to vote for a party, you can, at the least, choose to vote against one.  - Jul, 2016

How can businesses be asked to stop focusing on profit alone, as long as its customers are focusing on price alone?  - Jul, 2016

If you are still confused, then you are still alive.  - Jun, 2016

Intelligence is a curse in a world where ignorance is bliss.  - May, 2016

Whatever God can, man can too. 'Coz technically, God was created by man.  - Apr, 2016

So you laboured your effort and creativity in building that house and, hence, the house ought to rightfully belong to you. But how come that land below your house came to belong to you?  - Apr, 2016

They are all just individual droplets; it is because they pour together that you call them rain.  - Apr, 2016

How unfortunate that a man's world is limited by his capacity for knowledge.  - Apr, 2016

Why be attached to your name or family name? They were not your choice anyway.  - Apr, 2016

Every happy moment is a festival, and every little smile its celebration.  - Apr, 2016

The names we give to reality, the concepts we shape it with, the labels we stamp on it, all pass away with us. Names die, not the reality they refer to.  - Mar, 2016

Choosing an easy solution rather than the correct one, is like searching for a lost ring under the lamppost merely because it is brighter there rather than the place where it was originally lost.  - Mar, 2016

Where can I find the dictionary that will give me the meaning of my own life? If I do find it, how do I learn the language to read it? - Mar, 2016

While you say that education expands horizons, I say it merely moves you, frog, from a smaller well to a larger one, just enough for you to stop suffocating. - Mar, 2016

If you feel someone is not being fair, then try some fairness cream on them. - Mar, 2016

You, who is unable to solve a double-murder case that happened few years ago; how do you believe you would solve the mystery of Big Bang? - Mar, 2016

Do sanitary pads protect sanity too? - Mar, 2016

Rub ideas together, and sparks of knowledge fly out - Mar, 2016

Nearly every time, what I know is what I think I know. Yeah! that's how I think it is... - Feb, 2016

If there are laws to protect you, why do you still erect barbed fences? - Feb, 2016

When you see a doctor as a person doing a living through his profession, then it seems stupid for him to cure you to the point that you won't need him anymore - Feb, 2016

For every underachiever, there is an equally mediocre world out there, for consolation - Feb, 2016

So the Big Bang happened one day and filled up empty Space with all this matter. Fine! So who created empty Space then? - Jan, 2016

Thanks to my educational degrees, I end up being judged as intelligent, instead of wise. - Jan, 2016

Occupation: an excuse for preoccupation of the intellect. - Jan, 2016

Meditation: an exercise of stubbornness with God. - Jan, 2016

Coma: when the soul is banished into solitary confinement. - Dec 2015

Sometimes, non-violence is an escape, not an answer. - Dec 2015

Sleep, is my entertainment. - Nov 2015

Better go ouch, than oink. - Oct 2015

Be a Roman in Rome, but, then, Rome was not built in a day! - Oct 2015

Consumerism begins right at the point of breast-feeding itself. - Oct 2015

Undisturbed reading is more important than undisturbed sleep. - Oct 2015

All work and no play may not make Jack a dull boy, but it surely keeps Jill waiting up the hill. - Sep, 2015

Sometimes I am strange, sometimes, a stranger. - Sep, 2015

War is a fight with the other, life is a fight with the self. - Sep, 2015

Love is as four-lettered as life is. - Sep, 2015

Laziness: first a hobby, then a habit. - Sep, 2015

If you want salary, then play to the gallery. - Sep, 2015

On some days, I think that I don't think properly. - Aug, 2015

The difference between a patriot and a site owner clinging to his ownership papers, is merely one of degree. - June, 2015

I saw a tree on the main road with several nails struck on it, and several wires twisted around. To me, it seemed like a cousin of Aruna Shanbaug. Yet no one bothered to write about it in the papers. - May, 2015

If you were a little less smart, I could have helped you! - May, 2015

Emotional or not, out of sight is always out of mind. The unemotional throw it out of their mind, while the emotional go out of their mind. - Feb, 2015

Dear God, nobody has given me so much existential trouble as you have, yet I forgive you, for they say forgiving is a way to feel God within us. - Dec, 2014.

I would surely have prayed for a pain-free world, if it weren't that so many of my family folks are doctors. - Dec, 2014.

The ignorance that makes us feel we are individual souls, with our own identities, disconnected from some great overarching whole; that ignorance is bliss. - July, 2014.

Duality is the euphemism we use for the self-contradictory nature of Life. - July, 2014.

You can run but you can't hide; As long as you are in this body, your flesh and blood are basic limitations to how much you can escape. - July, 2014.

Thought is immaterial, and when we attempt to express it in words, it is like trying to project a three-dimensional object onto a two-dimensional surface - a dimension invariably gets lost. When you speak or write your thoughts, you risk distorting it to the extent of losing its very essence. - June, 2014.

Why is plastic not bio-degradable? Because there is a limit to degrading anything material. - May, 2014.

If loving to hate is more positively dangerous than hating to love, then, I wonder, if love could be more potentially dangerous than hate is. - Apr, 2014.

For some, words are an excuse from thoughts; for some, words are thoughts. - Feb, 2014.

In boardrooms, classrooms, and mahogany panelled corridors, morality is a loopy, convoluted concept with complicated perspectives and pluralistic solutions. Out on the street, morality is simply what the stronger guy wants. - Feb, 2014.

May you understand, to the fullest critical extent, the state of the law, before you accept it as the law of the State. - Feb, 2014.

Be a force of Nature, and not merely forced by nature. - Jan, 2014.

Every person is a form of the truth that God exists. You find God only when you see that truth in its entirety. - Jan, 2014.

Some questions don't have answers; some cannot be answered; the rest are pseudo-questions. - Dec, 2013.

Life: a flight of the alone to the alone; from the loneliness of man to the singularity of God. - Nov, 2013.

Why are they called 'wisdom teeth'? Because, much like wisdom, they are lost somewhere at the back and not much useful nowadays. - Oct, 2013.

One day I said to myself, 'Oh! I Love Her '. But then... do I really know 'Her ' well enough? But before that, do I really understand 'Love ' well enough? Hey, wait a minute, in the first place, who's that 'I ' in there? - Oct, 2013.

Ye human, who speaketh of getting better than nature, why don't you first get the better of your own nature? - Aug, 2013.

Make a choice: Do you want to look beautiful or be beautiful? - Aug, 2013.

The only one whom I attribute the power to make a difference in my life, is sadly sitting attribute-less. - Aug, 2013.

The day, when songs of billion changes into Song of billions, a God shall truly rise. - Jul, 2013.

To all those who don't believe in love at first sight, watch that mother who holds her new born - Jul, 2013.

Everyone has off-days. Even the sun hides behind the moon sometimes. - May, 2013.

In complement, there is love, but not necessarily in the compliment. - May, 2013.

Blame = Be + Lame. Blame-game is the tool for a mind interested in causes, not solutions. - May, 2013.

Food: that which fills the hunger of the body. Philosophy: that which fills the hunger of the soul. - Apr, 2013.

Weaknesses don't damage life, they define it. - Mar, 2013.

We can only see things; never be things. - Feb, 2013.

Fact and Truth are like Body and Soul. Fact is a body of Truths, while Truth is the soul behind Facts. - Feb, 2013.

When God wanted entertainment, he decided to create jokers, and gave them costumes of flesh and blood! - Jan, 2013.

Our lives have become so complicated precisely because we are too intelligent to handle the simple stuff. - Jan, 2013.

Intuition never develops in tuition. - Nov, 2012.

Some people pity Gandhi, as they feel his methods would never have worked with Hitler. Well! I'd pity Hitler, because history robbed him of his chance to be merciful, by keeping him out of Gandhi's reach. - Nov, 2012

War and Life are but a little different. War is a fight with the other, while Life is a fight with the self. - Nov, 2012

Wisdom, is when one goes beyond one's years, while staying firmly between one's ears - Nov, 2012

Parents: Nature's tool to conspire with young and innocent minds - Nov, 2012

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