"A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life"
- R.K. Narayan

Vicky~pedia is a mixed bag - a collage of moods. For me, it's more than just a blog; it is a diary, rough book, thought-train, ideation-platform, silent listener, 3-am friend all rolled into one. Sometimes it's seems like a painting coloured through some of my unconscious and unpredictable abilities, while sometimes it looks just like a plain mirror - merely reflecting the shades that colour me.

If Vicky~pedia appears splintered, fragmented, confusing, shady, or plain dumb, then blame not on it, 'cause it's just me.

As my blogging has sustained over the years, the look of Vicky~pedia as well as its content has changed not necessarily for the better.

The eyeballs that watch or skim over Vicky~pedia motivate me to write - though they aren't the object for whom I write - but the comments of my readers, I humbly submit, are helpful in ways that I cannot fathom. So please spare a moment for a comment, and Vicky~pedia shall be glad.

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PS: The blog name ('vicky-pedia') was conjured from a nickname a niece endowed upon me - Vicky Dada. It was around the time I created this blog, and I used Vicky Dada as my online profile name, you know, just for fun. Also, I loved how Vicky-pedia satirically rhymed with another extremely popular website. Over the years, the niece moved on, and the nickname was forgotten. Yet the blog name has stayed as a nostalgic reminder.